Our Campaigns
Lending a voice to the unconquered


Whoever competes with us has already won. That’s what sets us apart from other international sporting events. Why? Those who compete at the Invictus Games have suffered a blow through wounding, illness or injury. Whether physically or mentally, through the power of sport, our competitors have fought their way back into life.

The Campaign


About 2/3 of the competitors at the Invictus Games have no visible injury. Yet they compete with comrades who have a physical limitation. Why is that? What role do mental wounds play in the Invictus Games? And what are psychological wounds anyway? How do they occur? How do they manifest themselves? And can they be healed? In our campaign “Invisible Injuries”, we shed light on these questions and more with those affected, their relatives and experts from the civilian world and the German Armed Forces.

The Campaign


The Invictus Games are coming to Germany for the first time. With them, topics are coming into focus that were previously under represented in the German public sphere. What price can all of our freedom have? How do we as a society deal with our servicewomen and men? How do we show respect for those who give their health or even their lives for our values? These topics and more will be explored in the summer of 2023 under the motto “Summer of Respect” with the kind support of our host town Düsseldorf and our partners.

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