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Introducing Team US

In the spirit of resilience, determination, and unity, Team U.S. is set to compete at the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023, presented by Boeing. Comprising 59 competitors from all US Service Branches, the team is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. As they prepare to face top adaptive sports competitors from around the world in Dusseldorf, Germany, Team U.S. stands ready to showcase their unwavering strength and dedication to their fellow service members.

The Team Setup

Team U.S. boasts a diverse and inclusive lineup, with 23 women and 36 men representing the nation’s armed forces. The team’s versatility shines as they take on all adaptive sports disciplines at the Invictus Games, leaving no event unexplored. With each competitor demonstrating exceptional skills and passion, Team U.S. eagerly anticipates the team sports, relishing the opportunity to bond with international peers on the courts.

Team Philosophy

The selection process for Team U.S. is rooted in a sense of camaraderie and shared experience. Composed of wounded, ill, and injured active duty and veteran military members, the cometitors Are selected within their respective service branches to earn their place on the global stage. While only 59 competitors will participate, they symbolize the thousands of brave individuals who have faced life-altering challenges during their service. Embodying the team motto “Masters of our Fate” Team U.S. stands united in their mission to inspire and represent the resilience of their fellow service members.

The dedication to excellence doesn’t end there. Throughout the year, Team U.S. competitors collaborate with teammates and coaches, benefiting from their service branch’s Warrior Care and adaptive sports programs. This comprehensive training culminates in a final Team U.S. training camp before the Invictus Games, further strengthening the bonds between athletes.

Meet the Team Co-Captains

Leading Team U.S. with passion and conviction are Co-Captains Sgt. 1st Class Lauren Montoya and retired Capt. Patrick Nugent. Both exemplify the true spirit of the Invictus Games, and their aspirations for the competition align with their personal values and dedication to service.

Sgt. 1st Class Lauren Montoya, who has previously attended the Invictus Games, views this year’s event as a profound and significant chapter in her life. As a Co-Captain, her primary goal is to be present for every athlete on the team, providing knowledge, encouragement, and support. She sees the Invictus Games as a celebration of perseverance, endurance, determination, and growth. For Montoya, the event marks the end of a crucial chapter, but the impact it has made on her life will endure.

Retired Capt. Patrick Nugent is deeply grateful for the opportunity to represent the United States at the Invictus Games. Beyond personal achievements, his mission is to uplift and bring about meaningful change for veterans facing struggles. Nugent invites everyone to join him on this transformative journey, raising awareness for the challenges veterans encounter long after their service has ended. As a Co-Captain, he aims to lead by example, encouraging collective actions that make a lasting difference.

As Team U.S. gears up to showcase their exceptional skills, unwavering spirit, and unity at the 2023 Invictus Games, they stand as a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless others. Representing not just the United States military, but the resilience of the human spirit, Team U.S. is poised to leave an indelible mark on the international adaptive sports stage. With their motto, “Masters of our Fate,” they embody the triumph of human willpower, determination, and camaraderie, proving that challenges can be transformed into opportunities for greatness.

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