The power
of sport.

The Invictus Games demonstrate in a unique way that sport has a positive effect on the body and the soul – and what power sport unfolds as part of a holistic rehabilitation concept. This is also the approach of the German Armed Forces: The Center for Sports Medicine of the German Armed Forces cares for injured and wounded soldiers together with their families with a holistic approach on their way back to life. Interdisciplinary, individually tailored treatment strategies are developed for this purpose.

Rehabilitation concepts of the Centre for Sports Medicine

The Centre for Sports Medicine of the German Armed Forces is the central examination, consultation, treatment and training centre for sports medicine, prevention and rehabilitation, and its four specialist departments provide 3,500 intensive rehab therapies per year.

In addition to top athletes, military leaders and special forces, the centre also treats servicemen and women with chronic illnesses as well as those who have suffered physical or mental injuries during deployment, in service or in private life.

The individual rehabilitation measures place great emphasis on sports and integrate patients in joint therapy groups with soldiers of the special forces or with top athletes. This helps the injured and wounded to find new paths – and is a decisive step on the way back to a self-determined life.

The Invictus Games prove the power of sport to lift people up and help them move forward again. Sport brings the Invictus Community in Düsseldorf together. It allows them to gain new experiences, creates cohesion and conveys new goals and new motivation through comradely competition.