"A Final Tip Coach?”

A Bit of Support Just Before Competing.

Many people are involved in supporting the competitors at the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 presented by Boeing. Before, during and after the competitions, in various roles and functions.

The Italian shot-put coach Euplio Capobianco quickly checks the results and is satisfied with the 5th position currently held by shot-putter Ottavio Marrobio. However, the competition is still on and Ottavio has the chance of improving his position at the next attempt.

He is the only member of the Italian team who is taking part in the shot-put discipline. On Wedenesday he will also take part in table tennis mixed singles TT1-3 and mixed doubles TT3. When at home in Rome, Ottavio Marrobio trains three to four times a week.

Casting a friendly glance at his coach, he describes him as strict and very capable. Standing next to him, Euplio Capobianco laughs and nods his head in confirmation. Ottavio Marrobio opted for shot putting because he is strongly built and loves this power sport. For Ottavio Marrobio, this is the first time that he has competed in the Invictus Games and his second international tournament.

Euplio Capobianco is also responsible for other sportsmen and women at the training centre in Rome and acts as a running and discus coach. Capobianco can undoubtedly give Ottavio some good advice for his next and final attempt.


As the “personal carer” for the Georgian team, Ketevan Soselia has travelled to the Invictus Games with her team. She is accompanying Gogita Khozrevanidze, who will take part in sitting volleyball and wheelchair basketball matches.

At the moment, both have free time and are sitting comfortably in the shade in the spectator stand and are cheering the other competitors on. Ketevan Soselia is a psychologist and lends Gogita Khozrevanidze moral support. But he too is self-confident. He regards the Americans as strong opponents buts says that he is not nervous ahead of the first match. And he will not spend sleepness nights before his first encounter with the other team. In Tiflis, Gogita engages in two 2-3 hour training sessions a week. This is his second Invictus Games.

Incidentally, Ottavio Marrabio maintained his fifth position at the end of the shot put final.

Author: Sandra Wriedt