The 12th of December:
Comradeship Day

The 12th of December: Comradeship Day

§ 12 in Germany’s Soldiers’ Act stipulates one of the most important soldierly duties: the duty of comradeship. To celebrate this very special military virtue, members of the German Federal Armed Forces celebrate Comradeship Day every year on 12 December.

The Day of Comradeship is an annual commemoration day of members of the German Armed Forces held every year on 12 December to highlight the value and importance of comradeship in various aspects of life, especially in a soldiering context.

The duty of comradeship is laid down in §12 of the German Soldiers’ Act and plays a very special role for servicemen and women. Comradeship means being able to rely on each other and being there for each other, especially in difficult times. In the soldiering context, camaraderie is therefore of particular importance, as soldiers often have to work together in stressful and dangerous situations. In such situations, comradeship can be the difference between life and death. A close bond and support within a unit can help soldiers perform their tasks better and protect each other.

The Day of Comradeship thus offers soldiers, as well as everyone else, the opportunity to reflect on the importance of comradeship and to make a conscious effort to promote it in all areas of life. After all, camaraderie does not only apply to the military. Firefighters also speak of comrades and we think that the value of comradeship is a universal good for the whole of society. Because: connectedness and togetherness, support and mutual help are more important than ever before.

The very special importance of comradeship in the lives of soldiers is as old as the soldiering profession itself. This is symbolised by the “Song of the Good Comrade”, with which the German Armed Forces commemorate their dead and fallen comrades to this day and with which we want to make you reflect on what comradeship means to you.