Culmination of
the Invictus Games

The sporting event attracted 140,000 spectators.

The Invictus Games came to an end with a touching Closing Ceremony. The organisers drew a thoroughly positive conclusion of the Games. The objective of the Games was achieved.

The INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 presented by Boeing have come to an end with a touching Closing Ceremony. Once again, the more than 500 competitors entered the “Heart of Invictus” and were worthily celebrated by the audience. The highlight of the Closing Ceremony was the galvanising performance by superstar Rita Ora.

From 9 to 16 September, the Invictus Games Park in Düsseldorf was the venue for this unique sporting event, where competitors from 21 nations competed in 208 competitions for a total of 624 medals. With 140,000 spectators, the project team’s expectations were significantly exceeded. Brigadier General Alfred Marstaller, CEO Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023, said “The INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 were an unforgettable celebration of joy, determination and optimism. The competitors impressively demonstrated to all of us what a powerful effect sport has on successful rehabilitation. Here in Düsseldorf, we have also experienced the strong and indispensable effect that the support of family and friends can have.”

With around 800 accredited journalists, reporting on the Invictus Games was characterised by cheerful pictures of hope, rehabilitation and regained strength. The exuberant atmosphere in the stands emanating from the more than 1,000 members of the competitor support staff in the scope of the family & friends programme attracted international attention, with many visitors from the region “catching the bug”.

Federal President Frankl-Walter Steinmeier praised the very special aura of the Games in his speech at the Closing Ceremony. “What a special atmosphere and what a particular moment that I can share with you here! Those who do not know the Invictus Games – and I hear they are getting less and less – those who do not know these Games, perhaps cannot conceive the feeling that immediately envelopes everyone when they enter the arena. When you come to the Invictus Games, you don’t just visit a sporting event with exciting competitions, international teams and the odd nail biting final match, although that too is on offer. The emotion that comes over you the very moment you enter this hall is more than that: It is one of a tremendously strong feeling of community and solidarity.“

The Mayor of Düsseldorf, Oberbürgermeister Stephan Keller, was very pleased with the outcome of the Games: “The Invictus Games have added to Düsseldorf’s international charisma in a very special way. It was nice to see how the participants, when not participating in competitions, accompanied by their many relatives and friends sat next to one another and together filled the extensive Invictus Games event site, and also our city centre, with life.

The next Invictus Games will take in place in Vancouver and Whistler, Canada in 2025.