Indoor Rowing -
At the Start with Endurance

You would think that a person rowing is usually in water – and in a boat. Think again!

People can also practice rowing as a sport without getting their feet wet – by doing indoor rowing. Since 2014, competitors have also been competing in this sport at the Invictus Games. However, what is this sport actually about? Here are the answers to the three most important questions.

What does the equipment look like?
The athletes compete with each other on rowing ergometers. These ergometers simulate the sequence of movements for rowing on land. The objective is to cover the greatest possible virtual distance within a specific period of time. The rowing machine can be adjusted to the individual needs of the competitors. This enables people with different types of impairments to participate in the competition. The participating competitors are classified into six different classes.

What is the procedure for the competition?
Within a set timeframe, the competitors must cover the greatest possible distance. In the Individual Sprint event, the competitors compete with each other for one minute; the Individual Endurance race lasts four minutes. The competitors may only race once in each type of event, and must compete in the same category for both races. Men and women compete in separate events.

What are the benefits of practicing this sport?
The competitors are challenged to reach their absolute individual performance limits in the competitions. Power, endurance and coordination skills are enhanced by rowing. The competitors benefit particularly from an improvement of their physical condition.

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