team volunteering
new members

There is news from Team Volunteering again.
In the last few weeks, our team has grown by a few people and we would like to introduce them to you in this article.

Corporal Sebastian, Captain Hardy and Sergeant Markus, our Volunteer Coordinators have been on board since the beginning of the year. They are your first contact persons, answer your questions, help you with any problems and coordinate your assignments and shifts before and during the games. We are in constant communication with each other to create the best possible conditions for your time at the Games and in Düsseldorf.

From now on Suvi will act as Volunteer Manager. She has already worked a lot in the field of disabled sports before the INVICTUS GAMES and can support us with her expertise and experience in many aspects. She will also act as Volunteer Coordinator, so she will always have an overview of the whole situation.

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to Sergeant Major Jörg. He is our man when it comes to clothing. Clothing? Yes, exactly, he makes sure that your outfit not only looks great during the games, but is also sustainable. From design, to sourcing, to dressing, Jörg controls every single step, because you are the figurehead and number one contact point at INVICTUS GAMES DUESSELDORF 2023 in your outfits.