Marriage proposal at the Invictus Games - Didier from Team France embracing with his fiancée Ibtissan
Marriage proposal
on Centre Court

The Frenchman Didier asked, his girlfriend Ibtissan said “Oui”.

Following the wheelchair basketball game between USA and France, the Frenchman Didier proposed to his long-time girlfriend Ibtissan. The whole team and their family & friends knew about it, but kept their mouths shut. For Ibtissan it was a surprise gift for her birthday.

The INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 presented by Boeing are not only exciting, emotional and touching, they are also romantic. 

After the game, Didier from the French circle of friends asked his girlfriend: “Ibtissan, do you want to marry me?” in front of a huge crowd of well wishers. He knelt in front of her as he did so. She was moved to tears and said “yes”.

Marriage proposal at the Invictus Games Didier to Ibtissan

France had not fared so well against Team USA in the wheelchair basketball contest that preceded the proposal. They gave it their all, toppling wheelchairs in the heat of the moment. The French spectators were very enthusiastic: they danced and clapped, whistled on loud horns, and waved the French flag and blue-white-red pompoms.

When the Americans were on the attack, it got a little quieter, but every rebound won by their own compatriots was loudly cheered: “Allez les bleu” – “Come on, blues!”

Unfortunately – from the French fans’ point of view – after eight minutes it was already 3-0 to the US, and the second period ended 15-0. Four minutes before the end, the game no longer seemed to be the most important thing for the French spectators. They got up, left the stands and lined up at the edge of the Centre Court. The 23-0 defeat was beside the point, they celebrated all the competitors for their great effort with lots of applause.

Epouse moi - Didier Ibtissan Invictus Games Düsseldorf

Then another event took centre stage: the French team formed a guard of honour, as Didier called Ibtissan, who was also celebrating her birthday that day, over to him for the decisive question. When she said “yes”, he put the ring on her finger. Their son Zayyan rejoiced with his parents.

“They have been together for many years, I am so proud,” he said while beaming all over his face. Everyone in the team and the “Family & Friends” members were well-informed. Except for Ibtissan! “It was a real surprise for me,” she told us later.

Early as the day broke, the “Family & Friends” team had created a good atmosphere in the U78 tram. On the way to the Merkur Spiel-Arena, they sang “Joyeux Anniversaire” for Ibtissan. So her celebrations were already well underway before the biggest surprise of the day.

Marriage proposal at the Invictus Games - Didier from Team France embracing with his fiancée Ibtissan

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