Moved, enthusiastic and
full of appreciation

A unique atmosphere radiated throughout the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA during the stunning Opening Ceremony

And the spirit of these Games is pulsing through the city of Düsseldorf. We’ve been chatting to some of the first visitors to the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 to get their reactions.

Stimmen Opening

Gregor und Sabine

The couple beam with joy when asked about their experience. Gregor explains: “It’s such a great mix here. On one hand, I’m so happy to see the appreciation for our soldiers. The Opening Ceremony conveyed this really well! Now I’m even more excited for the competitions in the coming days. Here it’s all about fairness and respect – and that’s very important to me personally.“
Sabine nods enthusiastically and adds: “The AXIS Dance Company was amazing and so moving. The performance of the dancers with impairments fit perfectly with the theme of the Invictus Games. But Macklemore could have been a little more empathetic.“

Bernadette und Annika

“Harry, Harry, Harry!“ they chant in unison. They think the Prince comes across incredible well; sympathetic, authentic and believable. Of course, the two happy Düsseldorfers celebrated with an Altbier in the arena. Annika is particularly enthusiastic about her namesake, the incredible multi-sport competitor Annika Hutsler: “What she has achieved is so moving and derserves respect. I would have liked to hear more stories like this from participants!“

Stimmen Opening
Stimmen Opening

Marion, Claudia, Harry und Udo from the ‘Großen Erkrather’ Carnival Society

They all agree there has already been plenty to celebrate. Udo takes the lead: “The Games are a very likeable thing. I find it important, because it means we can finally show our gratitude to those who have earned it and need it.“ Claudia found Prince Harry nice, but her personal goosebumps moment was the Parade of Nations. The Erkrathers also awarded their newly-created prize for the best Opening Ceremony speech to German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius – no joke: “He is good. Seriously.“

Author: Emil Salzeder