Table Tennis
Debut in Düsseldorf

A very special sport is making its debut in Düsseldorf in 2023:

For the first time in the history of the Invictus Games, the sporting event will also feature table tennis tournaments. Table tennis is one of the core sports in Germany – and also plays an important role in Düsseldorf with its top team Borussia Düsseldorf.

This truly inclusive sport is open to players with and without impairments. It features five classes for players competing in wheelchairs and five for standing players. The players compete in singles or doubles matches. All matches are played in a best-of-five format: A set is won by the first player to reach 11 points, or the one to gain a two-point advantage. Every two points, the server changes. For all matches, singles and doubles, the playing time is 30 minutes.

Table tennis has particularly positive effects on concentration, but also on coordination skills and reflexes. Especially psychologically and neurologically injured players can therefore benefit from this sport. Table tennis has not only gained in importance as a discipline at the Invictus Games, but also in other contexts, such as the Paralympic Games. The various ways to modify the game give players with very different types of impairment an opportunity to play and compete together.

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