Nation Liaison:
a special task as a Volunteer!

“I want, in my own way, to be a part of the healing process.”

We took the time to ask the Team Liaison Volunteer of “Invictus Newcomer” Nigeria a few questions.

There are around 1200 Volunteers from all over the world at the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023. Without their support, there would be no Games. One of the volunteers is Adeyemi Adeusi, a young woman from Nigeria. Her role as a team liaison of Nigeria is very special, because Nigeria is participating at the Invictus Games for the very first time. Together with the nation liaison of the German armed forces and a local team liaison Adeyemi is making the games an unforgettable experience for the team Nigeria. We thank Adeyemi for sharing her story as a team liaison volunteer with us.

Do you have experience from volunteering?

Adeyemi: I have done volunteering in my community in Lagos. Since I am an ex-banker, I was helping an association disburse short term loans to poor market women and men in the community.

Why do you want to be a volunteer at the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023?

Adeyemi: Volunteering is universal, and I love helping people especially people with an impairment. Since the Invictus Games is a game for veterans, service men and women with a disability, it inspires me to see their recovery through sports and adventurous challenges. I want to be part of the competitors’ healings by contributing in my own little way. I believe volunteering at the Invictus Game will bring a delightful experience of serving others and it’s about liberating the discovery of human inside me. The Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 will be my first international volunteering experience and my first time in Germany.

Did you already meet your team?

Adeyemi: Yes, I met the team and the Team Manager Bobby Charles OJEH during their training camp at the National Stadium in Lagos, Nigeria.

What did you do when you met them?

Adeyemi: It was a fantastic encounter. I heard many stories from the competitors, we got to know each other and become friends. We had a lot of fun and I was also able to join their sitting volleyball and table tennis trainings

Nigeria is the first time participating at the IG23. How would you encourage your team before they arrive in Germany?

Adeyemi: I am keeping touch with them, calling and cheering them from distance because they are already back at their base in Abuja, Nigeria.

Why would you recommend people to do volunteering?

Adeyemi: Volunteering is a life changing event. There are a lot of benefits such as making friends, getting to know other cultures and learning from other people.

Thank you Adeyemi for sharing your story as a Nationliaison for Team Nigeria.

Team Volunteering is looking forward to all volunteers and the stories that will be created thanks to you during INVICTUS GAMES DUESSELDORF 2023 presented by Boeing.