Volunteer Jersey
Design Completed


As promised: We’ll keep you posted on the creation of the Volunteer Outfits.

Choice of material

After conception of the collection and selection of the design, the required fabrics were ordered by our two manufacturers. These are sustainable and ecological fabrics made of organic cotton and modal (a textile fiber made from wood). The fibers woven according to our specific requirements, were then delivered to the production located in Turkey. Here we personally convinced ourselves of the quality, as well as the right color for dyeing.
First production samples were presented and developed with the printer. In order to achieve the most beautiful result for your uniforms, we decided after several trials together with the selected company to use water-based colors.

Clothing sizes

A special challenge was to develop the pants in unisex meaning for men and women alike to fit. This process, which is very rare in the clothing industry, took some effort, but again we wanted to settle for only the perfect result for you. In the end, after several fit samples, we were able to determine the pant cuts so that the pants could be delivered in a casual, yet well-fitting way for everyone.

Nothing but the best for our volunteers

A very important piece of clothing is also the rain jacket. Nothing is more unpleasant than getting really wet in the rain and having to do your volunteer job that way.
Here, too, we have drawn from a large pool of samples and our own experience to design a rain jacket that not only looks good and is practical, but also keeps you dry with taped seams, adjustable cuffs and a practical hood in the event of rain. The materials for the rain jacket are made from recycled plastic.

Stay tuned for what else we will tell you about the clothing of the volunteers for the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 in the next blog post. Then there will be the first pictures of samples!

You want to know more about volunteering? Then just take a look at our FAQs.