Fashion city Düsseldorf provides style
Hannie Page shares experiences

Düsseldorf is known in Germany primarily for fashion and art. The Invictus Games 2023 organising team is taking advantage of this. Students from AMD will be involved in designing functional and good-looking clothing for volunteers.

Experienced volunteer Hannie Page travelled to Düsseldorf to give advice to AMD students what volunteer clothing should be like and to advise the project team on the event itself from the volunteers’ point of view.

Fashion City Düsseldorf and Venue of the Invictus Games 2023

With numerous exhibitions, showrooms and major employers in the textile sector, Düsseldorf is probably the most important location when it comes to fashion and art in Germany. So it is only natural that the clothing for volunteers is designed and manufactured by young talents from Düsseldorf. Locally, practical and stylish.
Hannie Page, an experienced volunteer and pillar of the online community, travelled from the Netherlands as inspiration and advisor. Hannie took the time to explain the Invictus Games to the students. She also had last years’ clothing with her.
Using the garments she brought with her, she was not only able to explain the previous function of the clothing, but also bring the spirit of the games.
“If you only see pictures, you don’t understand,” she said later, explaining that it was important to her to come in person.

Small things can achieve big changes

Hannie herself has been a volunteer at all the Games since 2017. Neither she nor her husband is in the military. But, even without having a military background herself, she can relate to the special stories of the Invictus Games participants: “I can’t imagine it, but I have my baggage too”.
She is involved with the Invictus Games because it is important to her to help people and do something right, because: small things can make big changes, says Hannie.
In addition, the Games have helped her herself to conquer her own darkness.
She is also happy that the Games regularly bring together participants from different nations with the same fate. In this way, people can share experiences and support each other internationally.

Hannie Page shows volunteer clothing from previous years
Hannie Page
Students of the AMD review the clothing of volunteers of previous Invictus Games
Students of the AMD

“A mega project”

The opportunity to support the Invictus Games in this way was met with enthusiasm by the students:
“I had already heard about the Invictus Games, but I wasn’t aware of the significance these games can have for some people what an important and beautiful experience they can be.
I think it’s great that we get the opportunity to do something real […] that actually happens and has meaning for people, in this case the volunteers,” said Tea, one of the students.
Others heard about the Invictus Games for the first time on this occasion, but were no less enthusiastic.
They assured that they would come as spectators – and some were even considering volunteering themselves.

How to become a volunteer?

The volunteer application portal will be activated on this website from 01.07.22 and will be open until 31.10.2022. After registration, where personal details and skills are requested, you can indicate your wishes for an area of work as a volunteer. After the application phase, the applications will be evaluated by the IG23 project team and interviews will be conducted. Once the selection has been made, all applicants will be informed of the result. Of course, the volunteers are not thrown in at the deep end, but are trained by the staff in advance and prepared for their tasks. An exciting time with great tasks and people awaits them.

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