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Not only Olympic athletes and military leaders are trained at the Bundeswehr Sports School in Warendorf – the German Invictus Team has also found its home there. 20 team members are accompanied here by coaches, a psychologist and a psychology sergeant and prepared for the games.
In addition, the sports school offers everything an athlete’s heart desires: excellent sports facilities and opportunities for recreation.
In addition, the setting in Warendorf also fits: from the office to the commander, everyone in the small town on the border between North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony is behind the Invictus project.

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How do you become part of the Invictus Team? And what happens to soldiers who are wounded in action or who suffer a psychological disorder as a result of traumatic experiences?

To understand this, you first have to look at how soldiers are cared for medically and psychologically when they go on deployment.
In the 20 years or so that the Bundeswehr has been sending soldiers on missions abroad, it has had to learn many lessons about what kind of care and aftercare is necessary.

Soldiers who are sent on foreign missions by the Bundeswehr are closely monitored. In preparation for deployment, they undergo intensive medical and psychological examinations. During the deployment, the Bundeswehr guarantees medical care, just like at home. And after their return, in addition to equally intensive medical examinations, they are given a cure and a post-deployment seminar.
This serves not only to classify the experiences, but also to observe the soldiers and, if necessary, to notice the first signs of particular psychological stress.

If it is determined that soldiers have suffered physical or psychological damage as a result of their deployment, they are entitled to be transferred or discharged for a period of 8 years only at their own request, in accordance with the Act on the Continued Use of Military Personnel.

During this time, if the Bundeswehr Centre for Sports Medicine determines that they are fit, they can be assigned to the German Invictus Games team.

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