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Competitors who suffered physical or mental wounds, injuries or illnesses can compete in the cycling competitions. A prerequisite for participation is that the competitors must be able to actively move their upper or lower limbs. Road cycling competition events are held. Medals are awarded in the three disciplines of road bike, hand bike and recumbent bike, in a maximum of seven categories. Cycling has been part of the competition programme of the Invictus Games since 2014.

Thanks to different types of bicycles, adaptive-cycling opens up the possibility for people with almost every type of impairment to participate in the competition. Competitors participate in the road cycling events using bicycles, tricycles, tandems or hand-operated bicycles, called hand bikes.

In the case of the time trial events, which are held as individual competitions, the competitors must always cover a distance of approximately two kilometres on a circuit in a race against the clock. The situation is different in the case of criterium race events. The criterium race lasts 30 minutes. During the race, the finish time of the competitor in the leading position is projected and, in this way, the maximum number of laps is determined for the field of participants. The cyclist who has completed the highest number of laps will be the winner.