New Nations: Israel & Colombia join the Invictus Games

Press Release “Israel welcomed”

Israel and Colombia will join the Invictus Games for the first time next year. On invitation of the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 both teams will attend the first ever games in Germany, bringing the total number of nations confirmed to 21. Colombia was the first South American nation to join the Invictus Community of Nations and now the first South American country set to attend the Invictus Games. Israel has a proud history of sports in the rehabilitation process of wounded, sick and injured servicewomen and men and we look forward to them sharing their experience in this uplifting and supportive community.

Bienvenidos Colombia! Shalom Israel! We look forward to welcoming you to the Home For Respect!

“I am pleased to see that more nations and societies are embracing the unique spirit of the Invictus Games, providing a growing number of servicemen and women and their families and friends with an opportunity to experience the Invictus Games as a home for respect for the sacrifices they have made for their countries.”

Brigadier Alfred Marstaller, CEO Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023

The new community structure for the Invictus Games Foundation enables access by member nations’ wounded injured and sick service personnel and veterans to the Invictus Games Foundation’s wider programme of activity. This activity is available all year round, beyond the Games, and allows smaller nations or nations newer to sport recovery programmes to experience the power of sport, esports, and adventurous challenge ahead of any future potential participation in an Invictus Games.

Being part of the Invictus Community of Nations does not automatically lead to participation in the Invictus Games but instead gives access to programmes such as the We Are Invictus platform for international wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans; the Powered by Invictus leagues, featuring sports and esports challenges to maintain competition and community beyond the Games; to the Invictus: Endeavour Grants Programme for sports and adventurous challenge, and to the IGF Conversation series, sharing best practice amongst the community.

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