Areas of Assignment for Volunteers

Area of ​​Responsibility

The opportunities for volunteers at the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 are as diverse as the Games and participants themselves. Whether at the competitions and side events, in marketing or accompanying VIPs: Your help is needed everywhere and we are very much looking forward to working with you.

  • Administration


    • Processing of material requests, procurement and processing of orders
    • provide support on all legal issues relating to insurance, materials management and claims processing for the Bundeswehr legal issues

    IT Support

    • User Help Desk (UHD)
       - Incident acceptance
       - Processing of the ticket system
       - Cooperation with contract partners/IT contractors

    • User support / administration
       - User support for the operation of MS 365 (Office application)
       - Administration of the device pool (Bw)

    • Technical support management office
       - Ensuring the communication connection (radio, telephone)
       - Ensuring video conferences
       - Ensuring presentations for meetings
       - Ensuring situation picture


    • Support with ad hoc legal topics and questions

  • Digital Communication


    • Shooting of relevant, interesting and moving moments during the events, on the site and in the wider context of the Invictus Games. Context of the Invictus Games , including collection of contextual information about the shots taken (who is seen, what is happening, background information)
    • Editing photos and videos and making them available internally and externally.
    • Taking care of our media database, providing material for the social media and web editorial teams.
    • Taking care of our photo platform as photo editor, including providing photo material for external as well as internal use
    • Supervision of our streams on social media in close coordination with our technicians and the host broadcaster.

    Social Media

    • Supervision of our social media channels
    • Preparation and creation of postings, incl. text editing
    • Community management on the channels and answering queries and messages

    Web editing

    • Overseeing our website and operating the Redaxo content management system (CMS) to create new pages and blog posts.
    • Text editing to create new blog posts
    • Supervision of our app and creation of push messages and current notifications
    • Supervision of our various newsletter formats, including creation and sending of targeted newsletters during the games

  • Legacy

    Character education and school classes

    • Coordination of groups of visitors from the German Armed Forces
    • Coordination of visits by schools
    • Accompanying and supervising groups of visitors from the Bundeswehr and schools
    • Contact person for members of the German Armed Forces, youth officers, teachers and students
    • Supervision of legacy projects (3D artists, art bus, stage performances, etc.)
    • Support of the special field post office

    Support Team

  • Logistics



    • Storage of material
       - Classical warehouse activities (picking, storage, etc)

    • Construction of the competition venues
       - Set-up of sports equipment (basketball hoops, volleyball nets, etc.)

    • Support reconstruction of the arena
       - Mainly side-crew activities
       - Unloading of vehicles
       - Stowing away of boxes/boxes

  • Marketing

    • Information and promotion campaigns in the city area
       - You are on foot in teams (at busy places) in the city center and come into contact with passers-by, distribute flyers and inform about IG23. The goal is that the passers-by visit the games.
       - You move through the city with public transport and your Invictus Card.
       - You make people aware of the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023.
       - You can inform people about the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 by distributing flyers, brochures and giveaways.
       - You can give information about how to book reservations/tickets and how much it will cost.
       - On request, you will have information on how passers-by can get to the MSA and which competitions will take place on the respective day.

    • Running a booth at Reha Care
       - Parallel to the IG23 the fair Reha Care takes place on the area of the fair Düsseldorf. There the IG23 are represented with an info- & promo stand. represented. This is operated and managed by you.
       - You inform people about the IG23 and draw attention to it. You can distribute flyers, brochures and giveaways.
       - You can tell them how people get from Rehab Care to IG23 and which competitions take place on that day.

    • Information and promotion actions on the event area
       - You are on foot on the event area and inform about the sports competitions that are currently taking place. If necessary you distribute flyers.
       - If marketing material (e.g. give-aways) is needed, you can be called upon to help get the material from A to B.

  • Medical


    • Care of patients
       - Admission
       - Treatment
       - Documentation
       - Possibly further health care

    • Support of all Medical Clinic areas of responsibility
    • Support of other Medical Services areas 


    • First aid of the competitors
       - Securing of the competitions

    • Support of the MedFAS
       - Contact person in questions of health care
       - First aid for patients

       - We expect you to provide first aid to anyone in a medical emergency situation

    • Support other Medical Services areas
       - tbd


    • Maintain incident log
    • Maintain Medical Services situation picture
    • Processing of incoming calls (contact person for all Medical Services stations)
    • Support other Medical Services areas 


    • Supervise the rest rooms
       - Only competitors and possibly required personnel have access to the rest rooms
       - Monitor compliance with the rules of conduct in the rest rooms

    • Support of competitors in special moments of stress
       - Be the contact person
       - Accompany competitors to the rest rooms and inform staff if necessary

    • Within the limits of free capacities, independent patrols through different areas (Nationshome, Volunteercenter, grandstand of F&F)
       - Search for conversations with different groups of people in order to pick up the mood and possibly help them


    • Physiotherapy (requirement is completed training)
       - massages
       - taping
       - Physiotherapeutic measures
       - Support of the physiotherapists of the teams

    • Support of other medical services areas
       - tbd


  • Participants Service

    Info Point Hotel

    • In the hotel on site: Advice for F&F and competitors on any questions, e.g.
       - Transportation (public transport, …)
       - General questions about the city of Düsseldorf
       - Services that are integrated in the InvictusCard
       - About the competitions
       - About the different events

    Hospitality Center

    • At the Hospitality Center: Advice for all guests who have access to the Nations Home

       - For any questions, e.g.
          □ About the competitions, the program, transportation (Helpdesk)
          □ For general questions (General Affairs Desk)
          □ About the city of Düsseldorf (Tourist Information Desk)

       - Contact persons of the volunteers
          □ F&F
          □ InfoPoint Hotels
          □ Kids Area Nations Home

    • Organization/Management “Lost and Found”.
       - Store found items in a structured manner and keep them in order
       - Return lost items to actual owners only

    • Supervision Highlights / Activities
       - Supervision of the daily changing activities

    Family & Friends

    • Supervision of an F&F team
       - Coordination with the F&F Liaison Officer (contact person F&F coming from the nation)
       - Consistent responsiveness during the shift
       - Continuous support of the F&F during the shift
       - First point of contact for the F&F
       - Helping hand in all matters of the team

    Child Care

    • Taking care of the children in the Kids Area (Nations Home)
       - Prevent accidents
       - Note down contact details to parents
       - Carry out duty of supervision
       - Taking care of children (reading aloud, playing, handicrafts etc.)

    • Supervision of highlights / activities
       - Accompanying the daily changing activities e.g. painting competition, reading hour, face painting, handicraft hour

  • Press

    Editorial Office

    • Independently create editorial articles about the Invictus Games for publication on our own digital channels

    Media Center

    Media Operations

    • Support the coordination of press inquiries concerning the Duke/Duchess of Sussex
    • Assist in coordinating press events with the Archewell Foundation.
    • Assist in the preparation of press events for the Duke/Duchess of Sussex in compliance with Archewell Foundation requirements.


    • Assist in coordinating press inquiries regarding the Duke/Duchess of Sussex.
       - Pre-screen incoming press inquiries
       - Identify scheduling conflicts
       - Forward inquiries to Archewell Foundation after prior coordination

    • Assist in coordinating press appointments with the Archewell Foundation.
       - Follow up on established press appointments
       - Determine scheduling conflicts
       - Prepare/support information transfer of press appointments

    • Support the preparation of press appointments of the Duke / Duchess of Sussex in compliance with the Archewell Foundation’s requirements.
       - On-site preparations prior to the start of the press appointment
       - Perception of the attending media representatives
       - Support of the attending media representatives
       - Support during the execution of the press appointments

    Venue & Support

    • Providing media support at the venues; ensuring that the work of our media representatives runs smoothly.

  • Protocol



    • Support in the preparation of visits of high-ranking individual guests and delegations with special protocol-related support requirements,
    • Accompanying these visits,
    • Contact person for these guests for organizational questions during their visit to IG23.

    - Without a medical qualification
    Helping hands are essential in patient care. “A kind word here, willing to listen there.” If you have empathy, we would like to have you on board to support at the reception of our Medical Clinic. Among other things, appointments are made here, questions and recommendations about medical facilities in the city of Düsseldorf are answered, and the lending and issuing of medical supplies is coordinated.

    Suitable for:
    You don’t need any medical training for this, but empathy and humanity.
    Start: 8 September 2023
    End: 17 September 2023

  • Registration

    • Registration and accreditation of all persons (except visitors)
    • Verification of the data
    • Filling the registration tool
    • Determination of zone authorizations
    • Create and keep track of accreditation badges

  • Side Events

    Child Care

    • Care and supervision of children
       - Entertaining the children
       - Supervision of various activities (e.g. handicrafts, painting and games)

    Info Point

    • Answering general questions/concerns of the visitors
    • Provide information about the daily or weekly program
    • Draw attention to the supporting program in the Invictus Village
    • Provide information about the sports competitions
    • Know the event area and describe routes (e.g. to the sports venues, toilets, parking areas, etc.)
    • look after Lost & Found
    • Hand out stamp cards for the Invictus Rally, cut corners from completed stamp cards & raffle off grand prizes

    Village Team

    • Supervise participatory activities (e.g. try out Invictus sports)
    • Animation of the visitors for the different participatory actions
    • Supervision of photo box
    • Support of exhibitors at the booth
    • Various tasks in the stage area
    • Various tasks in the F&B area

    Event support

    • Admission control at receptions and smaller events during the event week
    • Support with the realization of these events

  • Spectator Services

    Info Points

    • Supervision of our Indoor- or Outdoor-Info-Points
    • You are one of the “faces” of the Invictus Games 2023
    • first point of contact for visitors’ questions
    • You know your way around the event area and know a lot of things about the IG23
    • friendly contact with visitors and answering general questions

    “Guide” on the event area

    • You are positioned at special points of the event area
    • With your friendly and helpful manner you make sure that the visitors feel well taken care of
    • You show the visitors the way to the different venues

  • Sports

    Medal Ceremonies

    • Ceremonies Support
       - Transport of the medals to the venues
       - Preparation of the medals for awarding
       - Competitor support

    • Ceremony Execution
       - Entering together with the guard battalion
       - Holding gifts and medal pillows for presentation
       - Flag bearer if necessary

    • Information management
       - Contact person for SCM and Master of Ceremonies
       - Information interface Venue and ceremony responsible person
       - Broadcasting interface

    Sports Competition

    • Generally in any sport, support is needed in the maintenance of the venue (order and cleanliness), the supply and support of the judges and participants and the material management. Also possible tasks are the custody and transport of personal belongings, e.g. prostheses of the participants. In the ball sports, the collection of the various balls will also be an elementary task.

    Sport Support Crew/Sport Equipment

    • Packing,
    • Loading,
    • Transporting,
    • Assembling and disassembling sports equipment

  • Team Liaison

    Supervision of a team

    • Coordination with the team support officer
    • Consistent responsiveness during the shift
    • Consistent support of teams during the shift
    • First point of contact for team management
    • Supporting your team in all matters of process organization
    • Helping hand in all matters concerning the team

  • Travel and Transport

    Reception of the nations at the airport/main station

    • Assistance in carrying sports and travel luggage to the buses
    • Distribution of nations and luggage to the right buses (Who goes where? Competitors and F&F are accommodated in different hotels)
    • Loading the buses with luggage
    • Assistance with boarding, especially for wheelchair and prosthesis users
    • Only in case of need: assistance to the bus driver in choosing the right entrance and exit at the airport

    Accompanying the competitors in the buses, during the event week

    • Loading and unloading of the buses with sports luggage (if stored in the hotel)
    • Assistance with getting on and off the bus, especially for wheelchair and prosthesis users
    • Control of accreditations (only accredited competitors and their attendants will be transported during the week, Family&Friends will not)
    • Communicative interface between the bus driver and the transport center in the MSA (e.g. report delays)
    • Provide information about scheduled departure and arrival times

    Departure of nations at airport/main train station

    • Assist in carrying sports and travel luggage to the buses
    • Loading the buses with luggage
    • Assistance with boarding, especially for wheelchair and prosthesis users
    • Only in case of need: assistance to the bus driver in choosing the right entrance and exit at the airport

  • Venue Operations

    Opening & Closing Ceremony

    • During the Opening & Closing Ceremony you will help our up to 20.000 visitors to find their way around the festival area.
    • You help the visitors to find their place and to enjoy the Invictus Spirit


    • Support in the supervision of the broadcasters
    • Assistance in the work of our host broadcaster
    • Assistance for the recording crew
    • Assistance for the project management

    Sport Presentation

    • Support for the Floor Manager
    • Support for the organization of interview partners
    • Runner for various tasks
    • Coordination with other trades
    • Accompaniment of VIPs to various recording situations
    • Support for Behind the Scenes recordings

    Opening & Closing Ceremony

    • Support at the entry of the nations
    • Support of the project management Opening & Closing Ceremony
    • Contact and coordination with other trades
    • Contact person for questions of the nations during the Opening & Closing Ceremony
    • Support to ensure a smooth running of the event


    • Support in our ticket centers, especially during the Opening & Closing Ceremony
    • Support of our ticketing staff during the Sports Week
    • Supporting the ticketing project management during the Invictus Games 2023
    • Supporting the Spectator Services department with questions about tickets at the Info Points
    • Supporting the Hospitality Center with ticketing questions
    • Together with the ticketing project management clearing station for ticket related issues

  • Volunteer Management

    Volunteer Care

    • Volunteer care outside the event area
    • Further training for volunteers
    • Recreational activities for volunteers, offering courses
    • Supervision of volunteers in the Volunteer Center
    • Crisis management
    • Operation of the Volunteer Center Infopoint

    Volunteer Coordinator

    • Assignment and management of volunteers
    • Coordination with those responsible for the area of operation
    • Adjustment of volunteer shift planning
    • Communication with volunteers