Volunteer FAQs

Do you have any questions?

You want to know more about the benefits for volunteers or have any questions about the Games in general? Then just take a look at our FAQ. If you don’t find an answer there, feel free to write us an e-mail to

Your path to becoming a volunteer

  • What is the timeline for volunteers?

    The following data reflects the current planning status. In the course of implementation, there may still be some changes, which is why the following list is intended as a rough guideline for you. In the run-up to the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023, we will keep you informed with regular updates on the dates.

    1 November – 31 December 2022: Viewing and assessing the registrations; selection of volunteers; classification into acceptance, waiting list/substitute, not selected;
    1 January – 31 January 2023: Informing the volunteer applicants about the decision (acceptance, waiting list/substitute, not selected);
    1 February 2023: Start of the exchange of offers and requests for accommodation/rooms;
    1 April – 30 June 2023: Background check;
    1 July – 31 July 2023: Finalisation of personnel selection and accreditation process;
    1 August – 31 August 2023: Allocation of areas of assignment and tasks, and preparation of shift schedules;
    1 September – 8 September 2023: Training, kick-off, issue of outfit and accreditation;
    9 September – 16 September 2023: INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023

  • Where can I register?

    Unfortunately, you missed the registration deadline for volunteers. We would be happy to welcome you as a spectator at the Games. Find out how you can make a great contribution as a host for our volunteers here.


  • Will interviews be held after the end of the application phase?

    We intend to interview individual applicants, depending on the area that they are planned for. However, for most applicants, there will be no interviews.

  • How are volunteers selected?

    After closing the registration portal on 31 October 2022, we (the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 project team) will look at all applications and select suitable persons. We will match your skills to the requirement profile of the task areas that will be required during the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023, and make a selection based on the level of accordance here. We will then divide all applications into the following groups:
    - Firm confirmation of acceptance
    - Waiting list /substitute volunteers
    - Not selected

  • How will I know that I have been selected?

    After the selection process, we (the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 project team) will send you an e-mail informing you whether you are definitely scheduled as a volunteer or whether you are on the waiting list. If there are too many applications, we may also have to turn you down. We will make the selection in November and December 2022, and then inform you of the result in January 2023.

  • What is a background check?

    The purpose of the background check is to ensure that no criminal or potentially dangerous persons are allowed access to the event site and any areas there that are in need of protection.

Job areas

  • What functional areas /areas of assignment are there?

    You can find more detailed information on the functional areas/areas of assignment here.

  • Are there any special areas of responsibility? If yes, which ones?

    If you love challenges and have special skills and/or experience as a volunteer, the following tasks may be right for you:
    - Tandem Team: A volunteer with an impairment and a volunteer without an impairment work together and perform all tasks together.

    - Key Volunteer: An important role with more responsibility and higher-level organisational tasks, as well as providing guidance for other volunteers. You cannot apply directly to be a key volunteer; you will be selected by the volunteer management team.

    - Protocol Volunteer: In this role, you will be involved in the organisation and support of VIPs.

  • Can I choose the area of responsibility to which I will be assigned?

    If you have indicated special skills and/or a preferred area when logging in/registering, you will be assigned accordingly if possible. If you have not specified any special skills or preferred areas, we will assign you to general functions for which no special skills are required.
    Unfortunately, we cannot assign every volunteer to their preferred area, but we will make every effort to ensure you get a job you enjoy doing.

  • How and when will I find out to which area of responsibility I have been assigned?

    During the training, we will tell you which areas you will be assigned to. In the app provided by us, you will be able to see where and when you will be working during the Games. It will give you all the information you need about your assignment.


  • What do I get for my commitment?

    You will receive a complete volunteer outfit that you can keep and meals while you are working. In addition, you will receive an ‘Invictus Card’. You can use this to travel free of charge on public transport, and to discover selected cultural and recreational facilities (e.g. museums). Of course, you will also receive an accreditation for the duration of the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023, which will allow you to visit the competitions and cheer on the competitors in your free time, as well as a certificate for your work as a volunteer. For the conclusion of the Games, you will also be able to attend a closing ceremony with all participants. In addition, you are insured by us for the duration of your assignment in the area of responsibility assigned to you.
    At a glance:
    - Accreditation for the entire Invictus Games
    - Volunteer outfit
    - InvictusCard
    - Meals during your assignment
    - Certificate/Volunteer Certificate
    - Attendance at the closing ceremony
    - Small giveaways

  • When will I receive my volunteer outfit and the accreditation?

    There will be a kick-off event on the weekend before the Games (date not yet fixed), where the volunteer clothing will be presented and you will have the first opportunity to meet other volunteers and exchange information. There, you will receive your outfit and all other documents (accreditation, Volunteer Handbook, etc.) that you need.

  • What is the insurance coverage?

    As a volunteer, you are covered by liability and accident insurance during your assignment in your area of responsibility, as well as on the way to and from your shift.

  • Will there be an overview and a size chart for the volunteer clothing?

    You can already specify your size for the outfit when you register. We use international sizes (XS – XXXL).

  • On request, will the organisation staff issue letters asking employers to release their staff?

    We are currently making plans.

  • Are volunteers paid for their work?

    No, volunteers are honorary helpers. Therefore, there is no monetary compensation for your work. However, you will still benefit from many advantages.

  • Will I get something to eat during my work as a volunteer?

    As a volunteer, you will be provided with meals during your shift on the event site. Either we will issue vouchers for this or your accreditation will serve as authorisation to get something from the crew catering. You will get more information about this during the training.
    If you are deployed outside the event site (e.g. in the hotel, in the city centre, as support for Family & Friends, etc.), we will of course ensure that you are well looked after.

  • Are special diets taken into account?

    Yes, but it is important that you indicate special diets (vegetarian, no pork, etc.) when registering, so that this can be taken into account.

  • Will I receive a certificate for my volunteer work?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate confirming your voluntary work at the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 and the period of your assignment.

  • Will accommodation be provided for the volunteers?

    All volunteers are responsible for organising and paying for their own accommodation for before or during the Games. However, we will help you find accommodation by providing a platform that you, the other volunteers and host families from Düsseldorf can use to get in touch and exchange information about accommodation, and to organise it.
    We can also give you some tips for accommodation near the event site.


  • During the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023, how will I know when my shift starts and what my task is?

    Before the Games, we (the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 project team) will give you a shift plan for the entire week. In addition, you can download an app from Eventvolunteers on your mobile phone, which will show you your shift. There will also be shift supervisors in each area, who will have an overview of the shift rota and the volunteers in their area of responsibility.

  • What are my working hours?

    A shift lasts 6-8 hours, with a break. There will also be days when you will be on standby as a reserve. During this reserve shift, you can move freely around the event site, but you have to report to the volunteer centre within 15 minutes if you are needed.

  • Is previous knowledge required?

    Generally, no. Part of the idea of the volunteer programme is that everyone contributes the skills and experience they have. Certainly, previous knowledge is very helpful in certain areas, especially language skills, but they are not a prerequisite.

  • When and where is the training planned to take place?

    There will be two training sessions, one in German and one in English. Both training sessions will take place in Düsseldorf. We would be happy if you could attend this training in person, so that we can introduce you to the event location on site and you can get to know your team members in your area of responsibility personally. The theoretical parts of the training will also be shared via an online webinar (in parallel).

    The first training session is planned for 2 September 2023 (German).
    The second training session is planned for 3 September 2023 (English).

  • Do I have to register for the whole period of the Games or is it possible to volunteer for just a few days?

    There will be days on which we will need more volunteers than on others. In principle, all volunteers should be available for the entire period of the Games. This makes it easier for us to plan and to communicate with you. However, if you can only be available for a certain time, this is not immediately a disqualifying factor.
    Regardless of the period and duration of the assignment, the training and kick-off event will be held at the same time for all volunteers.

  • Will volunteers be kept up to date via e-mail and the website? Will changes in the procedures be transferred to the app?

    We will keep you informed at all times via e-mail and via the website There will also be an app that will provide you with all the necessary information and inform you about spontaneous changes. Via the app, you can also contact the volunteer management and your shift supervisor at any time.

  • Is there a procedure in place in case one or more volunteers are absent due to illness?

    We are planning each day with reserve volunteers, to be able to compensate for a possible absence at any time.

  • What shall I do if, at short notice, I can no longer come to the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 as a volunteer? To which e-mail address should I send my withdrawal?

    We understand that circumstances can change. Please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot be there after all, so that we can fill your place on the volunteer team. The correct email address for this is:

General Information

  • Where can I find information?

    - On our website

    - On our website
    - In the Eventvolunteers software or app
    - In the Volunteer Handbook

  • Will there be volunteer training?

    Yes, there will be training just before the Games. This training is divided into two parts. The first part will cover general topics that are important for all volunteers; the second part will be used to brief volunteers on their specific tasks. In addition, we will provide online information that you can use to inform yourself in advance.
    According to our current plans, we will offer a training session in German on 2 September 2023, and a training session in English on 3 September 2023.

  • What is the procedure for the volunteer training?

    The training is planned as a one-day event with on-site presence in Düsseldorf. The first half of the training is classroom-based and will include theoretical content that is relevant for everyone. This will be followed by a briefing on the event site. The second half will, depending on the area of responsibility, contain significantly more practical content and is intended to prepare you for your specific task.

  • Who can I contact if I have problems registering?

    If you have difficulties registering, please read the relevant sections in the FAQ first. If you do not find the information you need here, you can contact us by e-mail at the following address:

  • Who is my contact person and how can I reach them?

    Before the Games, if you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ, please feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address:

    For the period of the Games, you will receive all information at the training. In any case, there will be shift supervisors, who will be your direct contact persons during your assignment. Also, do not hesitate to ask someone from the team if you have any questions. In addition, all volunteers and the volunteer management will be connected via a volunteer app.

  • Can people with impairments become volunteers and, if so, can this be indicated during registration?

    You can of course become a volunteer too if you have an impairment. Please indicate this in your application, so that we can adapt to your needs as best we can.

  • Is it possible for volunteers with an impairment to form a "tandem team" with a volunteer who does not have an impairment?

    Yes, this will be possible, and we will take it into account when planning the shifts.

    You already have someone; in this case, please state his/her name when registering. Your counterpart also has to register and indicate your name.

    You register without a counterpart. In this case, please state that you have an impairment when registering, and that a partner is required. We will identify and assign a counterpart to you for the time of your assignment.

  • What is the procedure for members of the Bundeswehr?

    If you are a member of the Bundeswehr (military personnel, civil servant, employee, active reserve duty personnel), please let us know when you register/apply. You have to apply, just like every other volunteer, and you will be informed of the result of the selection process. Your status gives you neither advantages nor disadvantages in the selection process. Important: Please get the approval of your superior before you apply, so that we can count on your availability.
    If you are selected, it is important for us to know if you are a member of the Bundeswehr because from here on, the procedure is slightly different to the one for the other applicants. We will inform you that you have been selected. Your unit will then have to assign you to the IG23 for the period of your voluntary work.