How to register your team for #IG23

Before you start, please read this guide carefully. This information has been provided to make the registration process as simple as possible.

It contains information on:
• Activation of the Team Manager account
• Creation of a team member by the team manager or an individual
• Data required
• Updates
• Trouble shooting

Please note, if you are using Safari on an Apple Computer, you may experience some difficulties using this software. We advise using Chrome as your web browser if you use an Apple computer.

Set up account
You need to have an account to enter the registration system. For your first login you receive an email. Please note that it may end up in your spam.
Follow the URL from the mail. As a team manager, you can log in at any time until the end of the first registration phase on 31.03.2023 with your email and personal password.

Please enter the username and password from the email here.

Now you can start registering your team members.

Add a team member
Click on “Create Contact” on the left side.

Now you can decide which function the team member you want to create has.
The system also tells you how many people you can bring per function.

A team manager can fill in the details for their team on behalf of other persons. It will be necessary for Team Managers to have the consent of these individuals before details are completed. Please beware of this regulation and notify your team members to get their consent.

You can also invite your team members to register themselves. Click on the envelope and enter their name and email address. After you have clicked on “submit” they will receive an email with their access data and can register themselves.
Please note that this is only possible once per person.

If you as a team manager want to create the team members yourself, click on “register” (shown in the picture in the red circle).

Due to data protection and security everyone has to agree with the terms & conditions before they can enter their personal details. This disclaimer gives permission to use the data for the organisation of IG2023.
Now all personal data can be entered.

Please note: for the accreditation a photo is required. Please make sure the photo is in portrait and preferable taken in front of a white background.

The accreditation details are identical for all functions.

Info we need here are:
• Personal data (name, date of birth, contact details)
• Travel/hotel information (arrival, departure, room requirements)
• Medical Information

The following specifications exist for the individual functions:

• Sports, disciplines and, if already known, categories must be registered:
Please note: Athletics & Powerlifting as well as Archery & Cycling take place at the same time and can therefore not be chosen together.

• Please let us know what sports equipment you plan to bring.
• If you are interested in forming an unconquered team, you can also register this now.

Family & Friends
• Family&Friends are invited just like competitors to our @friend’s homes party on Tuesday evening.
Be sure to let us know if you would like to attend.

Personal Carer
• For Personal Carers it is mandatory to upload a Personal Carer Request. This documents the need for a personal carer for one or more competitors and must be signed by a medical representative and a team leader/manager.

After a team member has been created and saved, a confirmation email is sent.

All of the above cannot be changed by the individual, only by the team manager once successfully submitted.
In order to find an already created team member more easily, you can use the search function in the upper part of the homepage.

To make changes, click on the name of the team member.

Select “Update” and make all necessary changes.
Do not forget to save.

If you encounter incorrect data, create combinations that are not possible or add incorrect files, the system will display an error. On your screen you will see what went wrong and how to correct this.

If you have any issues with the registration system and you can find the right instructions in this guide, please contact

Thank you for your support,

Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023