Terms and Conditions

Terms of your registration

The following General Terms and Conditions of Use and Data Protection Information ensure a correct and efficient registration and accreditation process for all accredited persons who are accredited by the Local Organising Committee (hereinafter “LOC”) for the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 (hereinafter also “IG23”).

The purpose of the central system is to register, provide and update all information on the different groups of people that is essential for the organization of IG23.

Access to data in the system is based on a role-authorization principle:

Only authorized persons of PN IG23 and Invictus Games Fondation (IGF) have access to and insight into data, which must be processed for event organization in the respective case of need.

Team managers only have access to data of the participants of their nation and are responsible for their completeness and correctness.

Competitors, staff, family & friends and accompanying persons have access only to data concerning themselves.

Registration ensures the secure recording, processing and provision of all necessary data for the various requirement groups of domestic and foreign guests. In the subsequent process, the data collected online will be transferred to an overall IG23 database and made available for further processing for specific purposes in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.

The accreditation of all national and international participants in the run-up to and during the Games will be based on the registered data in the overall IG23 database.

The Accredited Person’s access to the Event will be in accordance with the category of their accreditation.

The LOC reserves the right to refuse an accreditation application at its sole discretion. In addition, the LOC reserves the right to withdraw, adjust or restrict accreditation and to prevent the accredited person from entering areas controlled by the LOC or to exclude the accredited person from such areas for reasons it deems appropriate or in its own interest. In such circumstances, the accreditation must be returned immediately to the LOC (or to a person duly authorised on behalf of the LOC) at the request of the LOC. 3.

Access to the relevant area will be granted to any Accredited Person solely for the purpose of performing the functions permitted under the Accreditation and only on the following conditions: (a) acceptance of these conditions; and (b) display of a valid Accreditation badge, which must be worn visibly at all times while the Accredited Person is in the relevant area performing the functions permitted under their Accreditation. The accreditation badge should not be worn at any other time; and © showing valid proof of identity (e.g. ID card) with photograph and signature upon request.
(4) The accreditation badge remains the property of the LOC and is not transferable. It can only be used by the respective accredited person and regulates the areas in which the accredited persons are authorised to perform their duties. Accredited persons are prohibited from entering areas not covered by their accreditation.

Accredited persons must comply with all guidelines and conditions regarding security at the event and competitions. This includes full compliance with instructions given by stewards, security personnel and/or any other person duly authorised by the LOC.

Persons applying for accreditation must provide the LOC with the required personal data. The information provided about themselves must be truthful, accurate, up-to-date and complete. Personal data shall be processed in accordance with the statutory data protection provisions. The LOC’s “Data Protection Information” on the accreditation procedure is acknowledged by the persons concerned. Applicants declare that they have read and understood the data protection information.


The IGF is responsible for the categorization of all competitors. It is basically done by categorizers who visit the respective participating countries and determine the categorization related to the respective sport for each competitor. (Note: The categorization process is described in another document). The categorization data will then be made available to the IG23 “Categorization Manager” and uploaded through them into the registration system. Once this data has been uploaded to the system, the categorization will be visible to the organizers, team managers and the individual competitors* within the role authorization.

Pesonal Carer

Requests for Personal Carer are subject to the Invictus Games Foundation Personal Carer Policy.

Data protection

The registration system and the overall database IG23 are subject to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation. Technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure that all data protection regulations are complied with. All data collected is used exclusively for IG23. The data will not be passed on to third parties.

The data will be deleted within 30 days after the end of the IG23. Result lists will also be stored in the sense of the participants until the following event. A consent request in accordance with the requirements of the DSGVO is mandatory.

Purpose and scope of data collection

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on May 25, 2018.

As part of the Invictus Games, the IG23 Team with designated personell for registration collects, stores and processes the personal data on the basis of Article 6a GDPR as requiered to operate and support the competition and events as part of the Invictus Games 23 and, if neccessary, answer to security and or requests related to health care.
The data collected is also used to produce a accreditation and to prove that the participant underwent the mandatory security examination. IG23 retains a copy of the confirmation of the registration.
For all personnel to be registerered, IG 23 Team make participants aware, that their data will be collected and stored in accordance with the purpose mentioned above.
Participants may only join the Incvictus Games 23 if they consent to this.

Information Security and Privacy

The registered personal data with special sensitivity, such as information on the health status or additional medical information, are only accessible to an authorized group of people due to special handling and access rights. This data will be collected and stored functionally separately from general data. The collection, storage and processing of the personal data to be recorded in connection with the provision of services takes place in accordance with the data protection regulations applicable in Germany and the European Union. The data protection concept comprises at least the following elements: – Proof of the information security of the systems and processes used (e.g. through ISMS certification according to a recognized standard such as ISO 27001). – Presentation of the data protection management processes – Comprehensive presentation and description of the technical and organizational measures The contractor’s staff (and any subcontractors to be used) are obligated to maintain confidentiality and secrecy in accordance with Article 28(3)(b) GDPR.

I agree to the collection and storage of my data for the purpose mentioned above.

I agree to the data protection policy.

I have been made aware of my right to withdraw consent.