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Locations Media Areas

Access areas

Your Media accreditation badge gives you access to the event site and to the areas designated for media representatives. It does not give you access to the team areas. If you need access to the team areas for professional reasons, please contact the staff at the Media Centre.


After the registration at, an official review will have to be done by the German authorities. If the review is positive, your accreditation will be granted. You will be informed of the successful procedure and accreditation via e-mail.


Please contact the Accreditation Centre #3 on the South Plateau with your accreditation letter and your ID on your first visit to the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA. Here you will receive your access pass.

These passes are personalized and non-transferable.

Lost or stolen accreditation passes must be reported immediately to the nearest Security and will be blocked immediately.

Accredited persons must then visit the nearest accreditation centre or accreditation info point to report the loss or damage of their badge.

The person must appear in person for the immediate issuance of a new badge and state the reason for the request. Badges will only be re-issued at the Accreditation Centre 3 on the South Plateau.

Opening times Accreditation-Center South Plateau (tram arrival)
Wednesday 06.09.23 10:00- 16:00
Thursday 07.09.23 10:00- 16:00
Friday 08.09.23 07:30- 18:00
Saturday 09.09.23 07:30- 18:00
Sunday 10.09.23 07:30- 19:00
Monday 11.09.23 07:30- 19:00
Tuesday 12.09.23 07:30- 18:00
Wednesday 13.09.23 07:30- 18:00
Thursday 14.09.23 07:30- 18:00
Friday 15.09.23 07:30- 18:00
Saturday 16.09.23 08:00- 17:00


The Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 provides an app with the same name that runs on all common platforms. Here you will be provided with general information as well as daily updated changes in the programme schedule. This is not an app designed exclusively for media representatives.


The address of the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA is:
Arena Street 1
40474 Düsseldorf

With the Underground you can take the U78 line directly to the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA/Messe Nord stop. It’s a direct half an hour ride from the Düsseldorf main train station.

To ensure that you can enjoy your stay with us as stress-free as possible, we recommend that you travel by public transport.

There is a limited parking space for media available. If you have received a parking pass from us, you’ll be able to park at P2.

Briefing – Daily Media Update

Every day at approx. 20:00 CEST (depending on length of daily sport events), the Media Operations Centre will provide you with a media update by e-mail. The general content will be a review of the day, an outlook for the following day and other media information as required.

You will receive this at the e-mail address with which you registered with us. The prerequisite is that you have agreed to be included in the mailing list during the registration process.

Briefing – Urgent Media Update

Information that requires immediate distribution will be sent via an Urgent Media Update.

You will receive this at the e-mail address with which you registered with us. The prerequisite is that you have agreed to be included in the mailing list during the registration process.


A catering area is located next to the Media Centre with free tea, water, coffee and cold drinks.


The Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 team will provide all accredited media with high-quality and professionally produced photo as well as film material during the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 for further use free of charge. Please contact the service staff at the Media Centre for further information and access options and we’ll make sure you get the content you need.

Frequency management

In order to ensure trouble-free operation of wireless devices during Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023, prior registration of all wirelessly operated devices is required. For Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 in the venues and areas, all frequency applications, allocations, payments and licences will be managed centrally via the INVICTUS GAMES Frequency Management Portal. Applications for equipment and frequencies to be used at the venues are mandatory. Details can be found in the deposited document.

Please register your devices here:

Media Areas at Venues

There will be designated areas for media representatives including photo positions at all sports venues. Please stick to these areas when working here. The designated photo and/or TV positions are for photographers and TV only and require a photo or TV bib. Further information can be found in the photographer section or the broadcaster manual (link will follow).

The Venue Media Team on site is there to assist you, yet at the same time ensures the smooth implementation of your work to not disturb the competitors or the competition. Failure to follow instructions may result in loss of accreditation.

Media Centre

You will find the Media Centre at the southeast corner of the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA.
Here you will find workstations, free WiFi and a power supply. We will also supply a small catering corner with water, tea and coffee as well as cold snacks for purchase.

Access to the Media Centre is only possible with a media accreditation.
Connected to the Media Centre is a room for press conferences. We will update you with press conferences taking place in our Media Briefings.

Media Centre – Operational Hours

The Media Centre is available to you during the opening hours of the grounds. Our first day of operation is Friday, September 8th from 3pm.
Fri 8th Sep 15:00-20:00
Sat 9th Sep 10:00 – midnight
Sun10th Sep 8:00 – 23:00
Mon11th Sep 8:00 – 22:00
Tue 12th Sep 8:00 – 18:00
Wed 13th Sep 8:00 – 23:00
Thu 14th Sep 8:00 – 22:00
Fri15th Sep 8:00 – midnight
Sat 16th Sep 8:00 – midnight
Sun 17th Sep closed

Please be advised, that the timings might slightly be adapted according to the timing of the last medal ceremonies or sport events. We try to guarantee that we continue to stay open until one hour after the final happening of the day.

Media Liaison Briefing

All media liaison/public affairs officers for the participating nations are requested to attend a Press Officer Briefing at the Media Centre – PC-Room. We will inform you about the timings via email.

Media rights

We do not distinguish between rights holders and non-rights holders. The photo, image and sound material provided by us is available to you free of charge for further use. See also under Content Services.

Please contact our Info Desk at the Media Centre if you have questions or write us an email at

Mixed Zones

We will provide interview zones (mixed zones) at the individual sports venues. Interviews with competitors or coaches are to be conducted exclusively at these if not organized separately.

Please show restraint towards our competitors. They will indicate whether they are available for an interview. If you have any questions or interview requests, please feel free to speak to our media team on site or for an even smoother operation, please contact with your interview requests and we’ll be happy to organize it for you.
Please note: Competitors will not be available for Mixed Zone interviews until they have finished all of their events in their particular sport.

Participating Nations

There will be a list of participating nations and their respective contacts on display at the Media Centre. If you need to contact them beforehand, please email us at

Photo / Video Policy

In principle, it is permitted to take visual and audio recordings in all public areas of the event site, except the field of play. Please exercise restraint, respect the privacy of all people on the event site and only photograph/film people who want to do so. IF you plan on working from the official media areas as a photographer or videographer you will need an official working bib.

There is a general commercial ban on photography and filming throughout the Nations Home for external media. Violation of this ban may result in the withdrawal of accreditation.

The Getty Images pool photography can be found here: Pool Photography

Photographers – Briefing

All photographers are requested to attend one of the two official Photographer Briefings on either
September 9th
12:30 ahead of the Opening Press Conference
4pm / 16:00
5pm / 17:00
September 10th at 8am / 08:00
in the Media Centre – Press Conference-Room to review the rules for accessing and working in photo positions.

The photo bibs will be distributed as part of the briefing, without them you will not have access to the photo zones in the venue. If you are not able to attend either meeting, please contact our info desk at your arrival and we will find a solution. Please be advised, that the easiest and quickest way to attain your bib will be through the briefings, as the individual solutions and briefings are subject to current competitions running.

Photographers – Camera Services

Nikon will offer the following professional services in the Media Centre during it’s opening hours.
  • Free sensor cleaning for accredited photographers with Nikon cameras,
  • Free loan of equipment for testing in practice for accredited photographers – especially the Nikon Z mirrorless system
  • Advice from Nikon product experts
Preliminary Opening Times Nikon Service:
Check & Clean
Sat09.09.16:30 – 21:0016:30 onwards
Sun10.09.08:00 – 21:0013:00 onwards
Mon11.09.08:00 – 21:3013:00 onwards
Tue12.09.08:00 – 17:3013:00 onwards
Wed13.09.08:00 – 21:3013:00 onwards
Thu14.09.08:00 – 21:3013:00 onwards
Fri15.09.08:00 – 21:3013:00 onwards
Sat16.09.08:00 – 21:3013:00 onwards

Photographers – Lockers

We will provide lockers for your equipment. To keep track of the keys and the used lockers, we will require a deposit of 20€ that you will get back once you no longer need your locker.

Photographers – Photo positions

Each competition venue will have designated areas for photographers. Only photographers wearing an official photo bib are allowed in photo positions (photo bibs will be distributed at the Media Centre).

In some venues, prime photo positions will be available. These positions could be located on the field of play or may be limited in size. To access these positions, photographers must exchange their photo bib for a PRIME photo bib which will be available from the Venue Photo Manager at each venue. Since the Prime bibs are limited, they will be allocated at the discretion of the Venue Photo Manager.

Information about the location of the Photo Positions will be on display in the Media Centre and our Venue teams, led by a respective Venue Photo Manager, are happy to help you.

Photographers – Registration

For selected sports venues, it is necessary to register as a photographer in advance, as we must limit the capacity due to limited space. This applies at least to:
- Swimming
- Archery
- Athletics

Registration must be made in advance in writing only to However, for organizational reasons, requests submitted before September 9, 2023, 18:00 CEST cannot be considered.


Electrical sockets in Germany supply electricity 230V (50 Hz). In Germany we use sockets type C and type F.

Please support yourself with suitable adaptors. Organisers are not able to supply technical equipment.

Press conferences

Media representatives will be informed about the press conferences via the Daily Media Update or via an Urgent Media Update.

We provide facilities for press conferences. These must be requested in writing from the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 at least 24 hours in advance, but no later than 4.00 p.m. CEST on the day before, to There is no entitlement to the allocation of the room.

Press enquiries

Please send press enquiries to the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 or to a participating nation exclusively in writing to or via the nations’ press contacts.

Press releases

The Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 will publish press releases depending on the situation. You will receive these exclusively digitally to the e-mail address you provided during registration.

The prerequisite is that you have agreed to be included in the mailing list during the registration process.

Prohibited items

Prohibited Items

Social Media

The Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 project team operates various social media channels. On these we will report on the games in varying degrees of detail.


When using Hashtags on the various plattforms we ask for the usage of one of the following:
  1. #aHomeForRespect
  2. #IG23
  3. #InvictusGames

Speech manuscripts

For public appearances by high-ranking guests or representatives of the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023, available speech manuscripts will be made available to you digitally as soon as possible. You will only receive these digitally to the e-mail address you provided during registration.
A prerequisite is that you have agreed to be included in the mailing list during the registration process.

Regardless of the content of these manuscripts, however, the spoken word always prevails.

Start lists, Line-Ups

Immediately before the start of a competition, you can obtain a printout of the current starting lists from the press staff at the sports venue. Results will be distributed on request and can always be found in the official Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 app.

Tips for dealing with the competitors.

The Invictus Games are a bit different from regular sport competitions that you may have covered in the past. Here are some hints for dealing with the competitors:
  • Many of our competitors suffer from PTSD, the “post-traumatic stress disorder”. The sports facilities, the competition, the whole environment – this might be an extreme situation for many.
  • All competitors work with you exclusively on a voluntary basis. Please do not pressure them.
  • Please do not put the competitors under pressure if they break off the conversation in the middle.
  • The topic of your conversation should be the sport and not primarily the reason why the competitor is injured or how an injury occurred.
  • Whereas in normal sport event, you might go up to the competitor yourself for a statement or interview, under the Invictus Games we advise you to please talk to the respective team official or press officer.


The Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 will feature individual sports as well as team sports for the competitions. These are among others wheelchair-basketball, wheelchair-rugby, sitting-volleyball.
If a nation cannot form its own team, nations can form a joint team with other nations to participate in the competitions.
This type of team composition is a common practice at the Invictus Games.


The Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 will provide you with free broadband connections. Information on Wi-Fi access in the Media Centre is available there. Cabled connections for photographers are available.


Contact Accreditation


Ambulance / Fire Brigade: 112
Police: 110

Media Centre

You can reach the media centre via email to


Captain A. Piehler


If you need to contact the media contacts of the different nations, the easiest way is to email (Subj.: Media-Contact to Team)

A list with the relevant national contacts is on display at the Media Centre.

Host Broadcaster

Facts & Figures

The Invictus Games

Inspired by his own attendance at the US Warrior Games in 2013, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, established the Invictus Games in 2014. He is also the patron of the INVICTUS GAMES FOUNDATION.

It is an international multi-day sporting event for servicemen and women who have suffered permanent impairments as a result of injuries during deployment and in the line of duty, or due to physical or mental illness. The goal of the Games is to support the participants’ rehabilitation, and to raise public awareness of the concerns of the wounded, injured and sick service personnel and their strokes of fate. The focus of the Games is on the competitors as individuals, who will compete in up to 10 different disciplines, as well as on their family members and friends.
Facts & Figures – The history of the Invictus Games On a trip to the Warrior Games in the USA in 2013, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation (IGF), saw first-hand how the power of sport can help those suffering from physical or psychological injuries and illness. This visit inspired him, and the Invictus Games were born. In September 2014, the Invictus Games were held in London for the first time. The Duke of Sussex, Patron of the IGF, and the Organising Committee of the London 2014 Games hoped that this event would be the beginning of the ‘Invictus’ story, and that other cities and countries around the world would take up the challenge.

Since then, the Invictus Games have been conducted in Orlando (USA) in 2016, Toronto (Canada) in 2017, Sydney (Australia) in 2018, The Hague (Netherlands) in 2022, and they will now be staged in Düsseldorf (Germany) in 2023. The seventh Games will then take place in Vancouver-Whistler (Canada) in 2025.

The contribution of the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 for people with disabilities

The Invictus Games in Germany are committed to the modern concept of disability, as worded in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The participating competitors, but also their families and friends, are ambassadors for overcoming visible and non-visible barriers together, which prevent people with physical, mental, or sensory impairments from participating equally in society. With this broadened approach involving society as a whole, Germany is going a special way with the Games in Düsseldorf. Our goal is to provide incentives, impetus, and stimulus, and thus to support the national action plan of the Federal Government for implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


The INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 are much more than “just” an international sports festival. They focus on the people who have sustained physical or psychological injuries while serving their country, or who have become seriously ill. People who, with their will and courage to face life, have won a new place in life and created new perspectives, despite severe impairments. These servicemen and women, as well as their families, deserve respect and recognition for their service and their willingness to make sacrifices, but also for their unbending will to participate in social life.

With the Invictus Games in Germany, we would like to raise awareness for inclusion and diversity. Under the motto “A HOME FOR RESPECT”, the City of Düsseldorf accommodates this aim of the Bundeswehr by providing a place for very personal dialogue and warm hospitality.

Our goal is to spread the spirit of “A HOME FOR RESPECT” from Düsseldorf to the whole of Germany and beyond. Citizens should gain new perspectives on the social role and perception of the people in the armed forces. Together with their Family & Friends, competitors should experience the Games as a visible sign of appreciation and recognition for their courage to face life.

The motto “A HOME FOR RESPECT” also characterises the spirit and idea behind the Games: Our soldiers deserve recognition and respect from society for their service – respect has a home in Düsseldorf.


The Federal Ministry of Defence is the organiser of the Games. The Bundeswehr and the City of Düsseldorf are jointly hosting them. This makes the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 the first event that will be held within the framework of a cooperation between a military organisation and a city. The MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA with the adjacent sports park and the Rheinbad swimming pool will be the venues. Together, they form the “Invictus Games Park”. The competitions taking place here will be accompanied by a varied supporting programme, with cultural events and a range of open sporting activities on offer for the public.

The host city of the INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023

Düsseldorf, located in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, is a city with a rich history and vibrant culture. As the capital city, it holds significant political and economic importance. Düsseldorf is renowned for its fashion and art scenes, making it a hub for creativity and innovation.

The city has a long history that dates to the 12th century when it was first mentioned in records. Over the centuries, Düsseldorf has developed into a thriving metropolis, blending modern architecture with historical landmarks. Its old town, known as the “Altstadt,” is a charming area filled with narrow streets, picturesque squares, and traditional beer halls.

Düsseldorf is also famous for its annual events and festivals, such as the vibrant carnival celebrations and the renowned Christmas market. The city’s diverse culinary scene offers a variety of international cuisines, as well as local specialties like “Altbier,” a traditional beer brewed in the region.

With a population of approximately 640,000 people, Düsseldorf is a bustling and cosmopolitan city. Its multicultural environment attracts residents from around the world, contributing to its dynamic and diverse atmosphere.

Whether exploring its cultural landmarks, enjoying its thriving shopping districts, or immersing oneself in its lively nightlife, Düsseldorf offers a unique blend of history, art, and modernity that captivates visitors and residents alike.


The Invictus Games will be held in Germany for the first time. All 500 competitors from 21 nations have one thing in common: as a service-member or member of the police or fire department, they have suffered physical or invisible injury in the line of duty, as a result of an accident or illness.

We give a voice and a stage to the people who are directly or indirectly involved in the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023.

The Podcast is only produced in German. If that doesn’t stop you, listen in!

Sports & Schedule

Invictus Games 2023 Düsseldorf Sports Schedule

Categorization of the competitors

We are proud of the unique and innovative categorisation system developed for the Invictus Games. It is a world-leading example of inclusion on the sporting field and enables competitors to compete fairly across all sports no matter their impairment type, be it: physical, functional, sensory or other visible or non-visible injuries. The aim of sport categorisation is to enable inclusive and fair competition, no matter an individual’s impairment.

What is the purpose of categorisation?
The purpose of the categorisation system is to promote participation in sport by minimising the impact of impairments on the outcome of competition. The system used is a ‘functional system’ – this means that the main factors that determine category are not diagnosis and medical evaluation, but how much the impairment of a person impacts upon sports performance. The categorisation system relies on the integrity and honesty of competitors, and all team staff.

What is sport specific categorisation and why are competitors in different categories for different sports?
In contrast to the medical categorisation approach, in which competitors would compete in the same category for all sports, a functional system of categorisation is sports-specific. This is because any given impairment may have a significant impact in one sport and a relatively minor impact in another. For example, the impact that bilateral below elbow amputation has on swimming is relatively large compared with the impact it has on distance running. Consequently, a competitor with such an impairment would compete in a category that had relatively greater activity limitation in swimming than they would in track athletics.

Download: The IGF Categorisation Process


Archery is one of the most ancient adaptive sports still practiced today. In 1948, archery made its debut as an adaptive sport at the Stoke Mandeville Games, which are considered the cradle of the Paralympics. Practicing archery enhances the ability to concentrate, improves the sitting balance in the wheelchair, and strengthens the dorsal, pectoral and shoulder muscles. Therefore, archery is ideally suited for rehabilitation purposes. Since 2014, when this sport was introduced to the competition programme of the Invictus Games, the members of the physically or mentally wounded, injured, or sick service community have been able to compete in it. The archery competitions are held in the three categories of Novice Recurve, Open Recurve and Open Compound. There are individual and team events. Each nation is permitted to have one team of three archers registered for each category. Competitors registered for the team events must already have competed individually.

The rules and regulations applicable to the IG archery competitions correspond in nearly all aspects to the rules and regulations issued by World Archery (FITA), the international governing body for the Olympic and Paralympic sport of archery. The archers aim their arrows at the assigned targets, which are marked with ten concentric scoring rings. The closer to the centre of the target the arrow hits, the higher the score obtained by the archer. The competitors with the highest scores win.


With its various running, throwing, and jumping disciplines, athletics is one of the most diverse sports in the world. Thanks to this variety, participation in many athletics disciplines is possible both in a standing and in a sitting position, and therefore both by wheelchair users and by people not requiring a wheelchair.

At the Invictus Games, there are seven sports classes each in the track events (running and jumping) and in the field events (throwing). With the 100-metre, 200-metre, 400-metre and 1,500-metre races as well as the 4 × 100-metre relay event, five types of running competitions are offered. In addition, athletes can compete in discus, shot put and long jump events. The rules and regulations applicable at the Invictus Games are largely identical to those of Paralympic athletics. Athletics is one of the most ancient sports still practiced today, and already formed an integral part of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. Since 2014, this sport has been part of the competition programme of the Invictus Games.


Competitors who suffered physical or mental wounds, injuries or illnesses can compete in the cycling competitions. A prerequisite for participation is that the competitors must be able to actively move their upper or lower limbs. Road cycling competition events are held. Medals are awarded in the three disciplines of road bike, hand bike and recumbent bike, in a maximum of seven categories. Cycling has been part of the competition programme of the Invictus Games since 2014.

Thanks to different types of bicycles, adaptive-cycling opens up the possibility for people with almost every type of impairment to participate in the competition. Competitors participate in the road cycling events using bicycles, tricycles, tandems or hand-operated bicycles, called hand bikes.

In the case of the time trial events, which are held as individual competitions, the competitors must always cover approximately two kilometres on a circuit in a race against the clock. The situation is different in the case of criterium race events. The criterium race lasts 30 minutes. During the race, the finish time of the competitor in the leading position is projected and, in this way, the maximum number of laps is determined for the field of participants. The cyclist who has completed the highest number of laps will be the winner.

Indoor Rowing

Since 2014, indoor rowing has been firmly established as a sport offered by the competition programme of the Invictus Games. Based on the rules and regulations applicable to indoor rowing at the Olympics, the athletes compete on rowing ergometers. These ergometers simulate the sequence of movements for rowing on land. The rowing machine can be adjusted to the specific requirements of the competitors. This enables people with different types of impairments to participate in the competition. The competitors are classified into six different categories, with men and women competing in separate events.

The objective is to cover the greatest possible distance within a specific period of time. In the Individual Sprint event, the competitors compete for one minute; the Individual Endurance race lasts four minutes. Indoor rowing requires power, endurance, and coordination skills, and it can help improve the physical condition.

Power Lifting

The athletes compete in separate weight classes. Competitors relying on wheelchairs compete with those who do not require wheelchairs, using the same competition facilities. The competitors lie flat on their back on the weight bench for the lift and can choose freely whether they want to take the bar from the rack by themselves or with the assistance of their coaches. They must then lower the bar to their chest, in complete control of the weight, and press it upwards again until their arms are completely straight. Each competitor is permitted three lift attempts to manage the maximum weight. In the event of a tie between several competitors lifting the same weight, the competitor with the lowest body weight wins. Regarding their physical fitness, the athletes benefit in particular from the strengthening of their upper body muscles thanks to powerlifting. Since 2014, competitors have been able to participate in the sport of powerlifting at the Invictus Games.

Sitting volleyball

Sitting volleyball has already been an established discipline at the Invictus Games since 2014. It is one of the most successful and most popular competitive and recreational sports of the sporting event. Sitting volleyball can be played together by athletes with and without impairments. A special feature is that the tournament can also be played as a mixed-gender event. There is no minimum requirement for the number of women and men on the teams. The game is played by two teams of six.

The aim of the game is for players to send the ball over the net and land it in the other team’s court, and to prevent the opponent from reaching the same goal. A team can use a maximum of three passes and one pass per player for returning the ball to the other team’s court. In sitting volleyball, the team winning a rally always scores a point. If the receiving team wins the rally, it also gains the right to serve, and its players rotate one position clockwise.


Swimming is a sport open to competitors with almost any type of impairment. The special physical properties of water enable the competitors to participate in the swimming competitions without the need for prostheses or other technical aids. The competitors are functionally classified, which means that they are grouped into classes that consider their individual level of functional ability and skill, with the aim of creating fair competition conditions for all.
Adaptive swimming has already been part of the Invictus Games since 2014. Swimmers can compete individually in 50-m and 100-m freestyle races, as well as in 50-m backstroke and 50-m breaststroke events. In addition, there is a 4 × 50-m freestyle relay.

Table Tennis

Adaptive table tennis is making its debut at the 2023 Invictus Games in Düsseldorf. In Germany, and especially in Düsseldorf, table tennis is one of the core sports. It is a truly inclusive sport that can be played by athletes with and without impairments. It features five classes for players in wheelchairs and five for players who compete standing. Players compete in singles and doubles. All matches are best-of-five sets. The first player or team to reach 11 points wins the set. The server changes every two points. The playing time for singles and doubles is about 30 minutes per round.

Adaptive table tennis improves not only coordination skills and reflexes, but also concentration. The effects are particularly positive for psychologically and neurologically injured players.

Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair basketball was first played in 1945 at a war veteran hospital in the United States. Independently, the game also emerged at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Great Britain in 1948. It is one of the core adaptive sports and has been part of the Invictus Games since the first Games were held in London in 2014. Wheelchair basketball is a fast-paced, very agile, and passionate inclusive sport. It follows the rules of running basketball and uses the same basket and court dimensions. Games are played over two periods of 12 minutes, semi-finals, and finals over two periods of 15 minutes. The aim is for players to score in the opponent’s basket and win more points than the other team.

Wheelchair basketball is played by two teams of five. Athletes with and without impairments can play and compete together in this sport. The tournament is open to mixed-gender teams. There are no minimum requirements for the number of women and men on the teams. Based on a functional classification system, all competitors are assigned a point value between one and three points, depending on their sport-specific abilities on the court (e.g. wheelchair handling, dribbling or passing skills). The lower the level of impairment, the more points are assigned. The five players on the court for each team at any one time can have a maximum number of 14 points in total.

Wheelchair rugby

Wheelchair rugby is considered one of the toughest sports in the world. Although physical body contact is not permitted, it is legal for the athletes to use their wheelchairs to block opponents. Collisions are therefore frequent. Players compete in teams of four. Wheelchair rugby is played with a special volleyball. The aim is for players to carry the ball on their laps across the opposing team’s eight-metre goal line. At least once every 10 seconds, the ball must be dribbled or passed to another player.

The sport was invented in Canada in 1977. It was created to give people with spinal cord injuries an equal opportunity to compete in a team sport. Wheelchair rugby has been an established sport at the Invictus Games since 2014. The tournament can be played in mixed-gender teams. There are no minimum requirements for the number of women and men on the teams. Depending on their functional abilities, competitors are classified as ‘maximum’, ‘moderate’ or ‘open’ players. Competitors with psychological injuries are classified as ‘open’. Wheelchair rugby is a sport that builds core and arm muscle strength, increases endurance, and improves coordination and tactical skills.

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will be 9 September 2023 at 7 pm CEST at the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA. The pre-show will begin at 6 pm CEST. The marching in of the nations is part of the pre-show!

The opening ceremony includes musical performances by the star guest of the evening: Macklemore, one of the most successful US superstars.
From groundbreaking success with platinum singles to countless Grammy awards and unforgettable performances in completely sold-out shows.

The ceremony will feature unprecedented artistic performances, including AXIS Dance Company. With its unique philosophy and innovative approach, it has made a name for itself as a pioneer in inclusive dance performance.

The most emotional message of the evening – A HOME FOR RESPECT.
Through authentic “Lifestories”, we aim to raise awareness for an inclusive society.
These conversations will be inspiring and provide intimate insights into the lives of wounded servicemen and women. The show will surely be one of the most inspiring events Düsseldorf has ever hosted.

Media should enter the stadium at before 6 p.m. to access the seating area.

Designated Areas will be available for photographers; details will be available in a separate Opening-/Closing-Ceremony Media Guide.

TV recordings are not permitted; the organiser will provide high-quality moving image material.

If you would like to attend the Opening Ceremony as a media representative, you must have registered for this as part of the registration process. Seating for media representatives is limited and the organiser reserves the right to deny access due to lack of space. Due to the limited space available, late registrations can only be considered in exceptional cases.

Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony will be 16 September at 07:15 p.m. CEST at the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA.

The Closing ceremony – the grand finale of the Invictus Games, set to culminate in an awe-inspiring Show like no other with superstar Rita Ora performing. Themed “A Home for Respect,” this momentous event promises to showcase the unwavering power of the human spirit and the incredible impact of sports in fostering holistic rehabilitation.

Under the distinguished patronage of Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and with the esteemed presence of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, the Closing Ceremony is poised to be a historic celebration of strength, determination, and unity.

The Duchess of Sussex herself will take the stage to host the poignant “Lifestories Scene” segment, providing an intimate and moving glimpse into the extraordinary journeys of the Invictus Games competitors. Their stories of courage, resilience, and unwavering support from their loved ones will serve as a testament to the profound effect the Games have on transforming lives.

Joining the global community on this momentous occasion, the Federal President of Germany will deliver a powerful address, emphasizing the significance of the Games as a platform to bring together diverse nations in the spirit of camaraderie. The President’s speech will underscore the paramount importance of upholding the principles of dignity, equality, and freedom for every individual.

As the Closing Ceremony reaches its peak, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will deliver a Farewell Speech, expressing genuine appreciation for the competitors’ unwavering spirit and impressive recovery journey.
In a symbolic gesture, he will preside over the official handover ceremony, passing on the legacy of the Invictus Games to future hosts, ensuring its enduring impact on the global stage.

Media should enter the stadium before 7:15 p.m. to access the seating area.

Designated Areas will be available for photographers; details will be send out separately.

TV recordings are not permitted, the organizer will provide high quality moving image material.

If you would like to attend the Closing Ceremony as a media representative, you must have registered for this as part of the registration process. Seats for media representatives are limited, the organizer reserves the right to deny access due to lack of space. Due to the limited space available, late registrations can only be considered in exceptional cases.

Medal Ceremonies

These are preliminary timings. We will update this site continuously and will also provide the timings via display in the Media Centre and through our Daily Media Briefing.

Sunday 10.09.2023
10:30, Powerlifting Women Lightweight IP 1-2
12:15, Powerlifting Men Lightweight IP 6-7
14:30, Powerlifting Women Midweight IP 3
16:15, Powerlifting Men Midweight IP 8
18:15, Powerlifting Women Heavyweight IP 4-5
19:45, Powerlifting Men Heavyweight IP 9-10

Monday 11.09.2023
21:15, Wheelchair Rugby

Tuesday 12.09.2023
10:15, Indoor Rowing 4´Endurance IR 1-5 Men / Female
11:45, Indoor Rowing 4´Endurance IR 6 Male / Female
14:15, Indoor Rowing 1´Sprint IR 1-5 Male / Female
15:30, Indoor Rowing 1´Sprint IR 6 Male / Female

Wednesday 13.09.2023
17:00, TT Double
21:30, Wheelchair Basketball

Thursday, 14.09.2023
19:15, TT Single Block 1 ITT1,2,5,6
21:15, TT Single Block 2 ITT3,4,7

Friday, 15.09.2023
11:15, Cycling Time Trial (m)
11:45, Cycling Time Trial (w)
13:00, Cycling RR IRB1/2 (w)
13:45, Cycling RR IRB3/ITB1 Master Class (w)
14:30, Cycling IReB1 (m/w)
15:15, Cycling IHB1 (m/w)
16:00, Cycling IHB2 (m/w)
16:45, Cycling RR IRB1/2 (m)
17:00, Cycling RR IRB3/ITB1 (m), Archery Novice M/F individual
17:30, Swimming Block Centre Court
18:15, Archery Open Recurve M/F individual
20:30, Archery Open Compound M/F Individual
22:00, Sitting Volleyball

Saturday, 16.09.2023
13:15, Archery Novice Mixed Team
14:15, Archery Open Recurve Mixed Team
15:15, Archery Open Compound Mixed Team